The Usefulness of Using a Motion Detection System

 The Usefulness of Using a Motion Detection System


A motion detection system is a type of alarm system that is primarily installed for security purposes. Basically, the system senses or detects any movement that happens motion sensor floodlights

within its field of vision.

How It Operates

The system contains a sensor that detects movement. Once movement has been detected, the sensor then sends out a kind of electric signal by measuring the auditory or optical changes that it detected within its field of vision. Generally, this kind of detector systems cover a minimum of fifty feet to a maximum of eighty feet.

Other Uses of This Detector System

Sending out an alarm is not the only function this detector system can do. Depending on its intended purpose and the type equipment, gadget or tool it is connected to, a motion detector can have a number of possible functions. For instance, the detector may be used to trigger the opening of a door once it senses movement within the area it covers. Thus, instead of sounding an alarm, what it does is opens the door once it detects movement. This situation can be observed at grocery stores. The motion detector may also be installed and configured such that it automatically starts a video recording on a surveillance camera once it detects movement. A more common function of this sensor is that it triggers the lighting of floodlights, or the sound of a siren once it senses movement. Also, this sensor can be linked to a thief alarm, where a detection is automatically signaled to the thief alarm and in turn the thief alarm notifies the security company of a possible burglary or theft.

Different Types of Sensors This Alarm Uses

So far, a motion detector uses four types of sensors in detecting and quantifying movement. These four sensors can be classified into two types, passive and active. A sensor classified as passive does not send out an alarm or send out a signal. Instead, it only monitors the changes in motion that happens. An active sensor sends out a signal or performs a function once it detects movement within its area of coverage.



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