Triumph Doreen Bra – No More Discomfort!

 Triumph Doreen Bra – No More Discomfort!

 Triumph Doreen Bra – No More Discomfort!


Don’t go around thinking there is no such thing as a comfortable bra for you! If you have a relatively large bust, or you experience too much discomfort from wearing bras  unlined bra

with underwiring – or with insufficient support – or thin straps – then the Triumph Doreen Bra may be your ticket to bra bliss!

The Triumph Doreen is a real lingerie classic; widely available since 1967, it continues to be a favorite of many, many women the world over. It is somewhat different in design from modern bras, as it does not have underwiring or padding, and does not provide any cleavage to speak of. But these “deficiencies” are actually results of a design which was created only to be comfortable.

It all starts with 3-piece cups, sewn together in a way that covers – and supports – the entire breast. The cups are then attached all around their perimeter to the cup frame, which sits close to the torso at all times – not least thanks to the wide strap son the sides and the shoulders. As a consequence, the cups have full lift ans support all around, which means that the breast is under control.

It is actually more of a piece of engineering than a piece of lingerie design – but that doesn’t mean you will be looking like a suspension bridge wearing the Doreen. With the appropriate amount of lace and pretty patterns, you actually get quite a sexy package – nothing like the “tied-down-sack-of-potatoes” look you get with a sports bra!

So what’s not to like about the Triumph Doreen Bra? Well – you could call it old-fashioned without being completely wrong – but then it may just as easily be called “retro”. An easy way to recognize this bra, even under layers of clothes, is the pointy shape it gives your bust. Think the 70’s, think girls in tight turtleneck sweaters, and you’ve got the look of this bra. It is not a bad look, if you are into it – it is certainly pretty retro-hip at the moment. But you may also luck out with a dress, and certainly a buttoned shirt. Just make sure you avoid low-cut tops, as that will let everyone see the engineering marvel you are wearing underneath!



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