Condo Picks for Bangkok’s Phrakanong District

 Condo Picks for Bangkok’s Phrakanong District

 Condo Picks for Bangkok’s Phrakanong District


New condominium and apartment blocks seem to spring up every fortnight in Bangkok. Over the course of a year, it’s not uncommon to see two dozen or more  Lentor Modern  well-appointed and well-located buildings materialise in the central areas of the city. This gives plenty of opportunity for anyone looking to lease or rent residential properties near the Bangkok BTS or MRT train networks.

Location, Price, Facilities, Style, Design, Views?

Obviously not all new condos and apartments in Bangkok are as appealing as each other. Inevitably, some stand out from the crowd for a whole host of reasons, some of the most common being:


Price (value for money)


Service management

Style & design


Surrounding views

It is never just a single factor that makes one building better than the competition. Here I have put together what I think are the overall best current choices in condos and apartments to rent around the Thai capital for the current market.

Just like all “best of” lists, my choices here are subjective. I’m sure any reader with an in-depth knowledge of the Bangkok property market will dispute some of my choices and argue that there are other buildings more worthy of the praise. I’ve not onely listed condos and apartments that I personally like the look of though, but also ones which have been given good feedback by expats living in the city. In other words, some or my top picks have been tried and tested.

Le Luk Condominium In Phrakanong

The first Bangkok condo I will look at is the Le Luk Condominium in Phrakanong. This building is located just a five minute walk from Phrakanong BTS station. Le Luk offers studio, one, and two bedroom units for rent. The building opened its doors for the first time in the summer of 2011. One of the initial attractions of this condominium is the size of the living areas when compared to the relative size of many newer projects coming onto the Bangkok real estate market.

Over the last 5-10 years there has been quite an increase in well-located, well-appointed, modern condo and apartment constructions in Bangkok. And, due to the popularity and convenience of the MRT and BTS lines, many of these properties have been located within just 500m-1km of a station.



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